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Welcome to MarketerBrowser Help Center, take a look at the user guide and FAQ, before you contact us for more help.

Main features

Multi-account management MarketerBrowser allow users to manage multiple accounts of multiple platforms, and open multiple browsers at the same time with independent browsing environment to prevent account associations.

Cloud data

MarketerBrowser supports uploading and downloading environment, agent and account information, which makes it easier to manage account data and prevent data loss.

Device parameters

MarketerBrowser supports setting the operating system, browser type (Chrome, Firefox), browser version, screen resolution, and media device information.

Browser fingerprint

MarketerBrowser works if you want to set up an independent environment, including setting canvas, audio, font, WebGL, ssl and other fingerprints, as well as disabling plug-ins, disabling JavaScript, etc.


The cookie, local storage and other cache files of each browser file in MarketerBrowser are completely separated. Each configuration profile is independent from each other.

Automation Service

MarketerBrowser provides automated operations, which can liberate manpower and improve your work efficiency. In addition, customized services and targeted one-to-one design solutions are available. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

Team sub-account function

MarketerBrowser supports team collaboration. The administrator can assign sub-accounts to different personnel and assign different tasks. Multiple users can work at the same time, which greatly improves efficiency and facilitates management.

Mainstream proxy support

MarketerBrowser supports the mainstream proxy ip on the market, including the main types 911S5, http, socks4, and can set the language, time zone, latitude and longitude corresponding to the ip.

Help Center Highlights

About the user guide This user guide serves as an explanation to help users to get started quickly, and provides the concept introduction of each function, the operation process and the screenshot display. Through this guide, you can quickly use the entire system and master every detail of the system, which is convenient for construction and management.

About FAQ

The FAQ sorts out common system problems, including four parts: startup, software, account, and payment. You can find the corresponding answers to the questions you encounter in this section. If you have any doubts or suggestions, please contact us and we will get back to you asap.

User Guide

  1. How to create a site. Step 1 Download MarketerBrowser from website: 图片 2.How to add accounts- fill in/ import Step 1 Add account category Name category Select Icon(if necessary) Input site URL Choose a module(Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Quora, etc) 图片 Step 2 Add account Click add and fill in info 图片 3.How to configure proxy IP-support multiple proxy IP types; Step 1 You can edit your existing profile or add proxy when you create a new profile 图片 Step 2 Click add proxy here 图片 Step 3 Choose proxy type and fill in.(username and password can be empty) 图片 4.How to configure an independent environment----set up a fingerprint environment; Step 1 Go to browser - click edit--You can edit your existing profile or edit when you create a new profile 图片 Step 2 Select which fingerprint you'd like to turn on 图片


MarketerBrowser UI includes 8 parts. which are accounts, browsers, custom service, Plugin, affiliate, message, partners and settings. custom service Here are some popular automations we can add for you 1: Auto login for any sites 图片 2: Auto bypass email/phone verifications 图片 3: Auto create facebook pages 图片 4: Auto mass create and register Amazon accounts 图片 5: Send us your specs, let's see what we can do for you. 图片

1 Account management

Add account category 图片 Input name, site url and select a module, select how you'd like to login and click save.

Add account 图片 Choose a category, fill in info and click add, you can also input cookies here. Import/export accounts 图片

2 Browser Management

Add browser Groups 图片 Create browsers--Create a profile and name it, select browser group. You can add accounts here or leave it empty. 图片

3 Custom service

If you have any ideas about modifications to our software, we will check it out and get back to you with a quote.

4 Affiliate System

Become our affiliate and make money fast, usually, you get a 25% commission for every piece you sell.

5 Message

Some proxy recommendations

6 Partners

You can view our partners and also apply here to become a partner.

7 Settings

1: Set up launch page for your site 2: Set up api key of 2 recaptcha 3: Backup 4: Path of chrome and firefox:In case you can't launch a browser, select a browser path here. 5: Path and mapped port of 911 s5 Step 1 Click to set up 图片 Step 2 Choose a path of 911 proxy and select mapped port 图片Step 3 Go to 911 S5 and go to settings and set up port Forward and click save.(The port forward must match up the one in MarketerBrowser.) 图片 Step 4 Go to browsers --Add proxy and select911 S5. You can choose to select country or leave it default. 图片 Step 5 Bind proxy success - just click save 图片


About MarketerBrowser

1: What is MarketerBrowser? MarketerBrowser is a stealth browser built for internet marketers to log into multiple accounts and change your IP address and browser fingerprint for every browser.

2: What are the main features? Multi-logins Multiple Profiles Virtual Browsers Browser Fingerprints Multiple proxy type supported Auto-bypass Google captcha

3: What are the differences between MarketerBrowser and its competitors? Cloud Storage allow users to store accounts information, ip and fingerprints, so you won't lose those info accidently. ●The device parameters, browser version, operating system, etc. can be set; ●It not only supports Chrome but also Firefox;

4: Does MarketerBrowser offer proxy?

MarketerBrowser work with http, socks and 911 proxies, but users need to purchase proxy elsewhere.

5: Does MarketerBrowser have a trial version?

Yes, you can start with out free version.

6: Can I run MarketerBrowser on multiple devices?

Yes, please contact support to get a team version.